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So, what is wushu?

The opposite of cramming (Henan, 2006)

Eventually we all have to figure out how we answer this common question.  This is my personal “comprehensive” definition of wushu and my effort to help bring a bit more clarity to the discussion.  If nothing else, it is easier to just give a link than spend an hour repeating myself. ;-)

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Jennifer Wang's Wushu Life

Wushu Adventures Podcast - Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang has had a unique experience in the world of wushu – from working for Jet Li, training in China’s countryside, studying Chinese at Beijing University and then marrying a Chinese national champion and opening a wushu school in the U.S.A.

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Mark's Latest Adventure


I visited California for a month to house-sit for my sister.  It was a great chance to get in quality training with my teacher, Hao Zhi Hua.  My WTA goal?  To learn the 36 movement Chen Taiji Quan form in one month!  I knew it once 15 years ago, but could I learn it again in just a few weeks?

Find out!